Friday, October 25, 2013

August babies party!!

Where are we going mommy?

OPPS!! >> mommy have to admit this post is way overdue.
We are going to the August babies party!

Thank you Noraz for organizing this. 
We all had so much fun and so nice to meet up with mommies we have not met before.

So amazing to see how our little ones have grown.
Time flies… they are ONE!
All the attentive parents and babies…
Programme time!

Renae busy playing with her friends..
So interesting to watch the kids interact and play with one another.
They were all over the place.

Or rather Renae was all over the place, she happily walked around making new friends.. haha.
A few shots with my darling baby!
August babies beautiful ONE birthday cake!
Mommy photographers!! YAY!
Daddy & babies!
That's all folks.
Renae must be super tired from all the activities and play time.

Less than 5mins in the car…

Have a great weekend all :)

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Trike building for princess :)

We decided to get Renae a tricycle so we could bring her to have fun at the beach.
We took the box out of the car and Renae was so excited like she knew it was for her :)
I love how she is simply excited and gets so curious with everything.

We unpacked the contents of the box and inspector Renae had to check every single item.

Just for laughs!

Inspector Renae eyeing daddy: "Eh you better know what you are doing ah, don't spoil my new bike."

Daddy had to constantly try to involve Renae because she too wants to "help" out.

So helpful our little girl, passing daddy random parts.. haha.

Renae literally sat there and watched daddy.. haha.
"No pressure daddy! Take you time."

"Daddy pls read the instructions properly, why are you taking so long? I want to play…"

Getting there..

But seat not fixed up yet.

Renae just couldn't wait, she had to have a go at it.

YAY! Finally done!

Well done daddy, what would we do without you..

She wanted to start playing and not happy with mommy who insist a pic first.


 LET'S GO East coast beach now!
We decided to accompany hubby for his run :)

Renae's & Daddy's ride side by side.

Daddy warming up for his run, while i was getting ready Renae's stuff.
Always have to bring so many things whenever we bring Renae out :)
I carry a diaper bag more often than a handbag now. 

The life of a mom. 

But i like :)

Who is this excited little bean?

Anyway we didn't take any more pictures because it got dark so quickly! 
We need to come earlier the next time. 

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Play date with Aug Mommies.

Its a play date with August mommies at Millennia walk (Hokey Pokey).

It is really good to meet up with you mommies and for our babies to interact, though most of the time they were happily exploring on their own, haha.

The 1st place i let her explore was the ball pit. 
I guess that's the most baby friendly and it was pretty empty at the time we were there. 

I heard from some of my friends that babies may be scared during their 1st time in the balls pit because of the "sinking" feeling. So i went into the ball pit with Renae and lowered her in slowly. To my surprised, off she went and totally forgot about mommy! Haha.

"Can you spot me?"

Renae and her friends :)

I think this playground is not too bad, there were a lot of toys there and it kept Renae entertained. Her attention span is really short so she went thru toy after toy pretty quickly. But it was good enough as there were a good variety of toys.

Renae : "These colorful balls are all so tasty!"

"The blue ball not bad, lets taste the yellow ball!"

"Look at me!!! I found 2 huge fish balls! yummy!"

With Baby Samuel.

Renae had soooo much fun, having a huge space to explore with lots of toys to entertain her.

 I am taking a rest after 2hours and Renae's energy is still at full bar.
My princess never gets tired.

Ok time for daddy to take over! :)
Time to play the slide.

Renae enjoyed the slide so much.
She kept crawling back up the stairs, wanting to have a go at the slide again.
She got daddy really tired.. haha.

After all the other kids left, Renae was still busy playing and exploring. We were there for a total of 3hrs plus!! Gosh.. Good work out for both hubs & myself.
We even forgot to feed her. Opps!

Thank you mommies for a great play date.
Let's do it again sometime soon.